Lawn Mower Blades Materials

Fisher Barton employs a team of expert metallurgists who help us engineer our blade materials for superior effectiveness. Combined with our innovative manufacturing processes, our materials expertise allows us to provide our customers with the finest, longest-lasting, and most cost effective mower blades available.

Fisher Barton's blade materials expertise is demonstrated in a number of ways.

  • Austempering: Austempering is a heat treating process employed by Fisher Barton to add strength to our mower blades. After other manufacturing processes are completed, AISI 10B38 blade material is put through our austempering process, creating blades that are exceptionally hard, but not brittle.
  • Wear Resistance Mower Blades: All of Fisher Barton's mower blades are treated with the austempering process. Austempering give our blades greater hardness, greater ductility, and perhaps most importantly, significantly better wear resistance than untreated blades or blades treated with traditional quench and temper processes.
  • MARBAIN® Patented Extra Durable Mower Blades: Fisher Barton's MARBAIN® process is our own patented variation of austempering which produces blade materials that are even stronger and more durable. Our MARBAIN® extra durable mower blades are highly sought after by turf care professionals and others with "industrial strength" lawn mowers.
  • Laboratory Capabilities & Services: Our state-of-the-art Materials Lab keeps us at the forefront of our industry. We also utilize the finest technology available to produce custom-designed mower blades that meet our customers' exact specifications.

Fisher Barton provides one-of-a-kind expertise in blade material selection, processing, and heat treating, to manufacture the best lawn mower blades in the industry. Contact us today and put our materials expertise to work for you.