Wear Resistant Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Blade Materials

Fisher Barton lawn mower blades offer greater wear resistance than any other mower blades. The combination of our top quality blade materials, superior heat treating processes, and years of experience makes our lawn mower blades the finest in the industry.

Our materials expertise led us to develop two unique heat treating processes that turn all our lawn mower blades into heavy duty lawn mower blades. We use austempering to transform AISI 10B38 steel into bainite, a stronger, more durable material than results from more conventional quench and temper heat treatments. Our patented MARBAIN® process produces the strongest mower blades available today. Both processes create uniform structure throughout the treated materials to give our blade materials exceptional wear resistance.

The Fisher Barton Blades heat treating processes create mower blades that are exceptionally hard, without brittleness. They're highly resistant to bending, and deliver outstanding yield strength. Our lawn mower blades last longer and hold their cutting edges longer than other blades.

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